Thanksgiving in Tokyo & this week’s meal plan

This year marks my 13th Thanksgiving since moving to Japan. It’s probably my favorite family holiday, which makes it my most homesick weekend as well. Over the years I’ve celebrated in every way from turkey delivery at work to fancy course menus, and with anywhere from one other person to several dozen. These days we mostly celebrate as a little family, enjoying a comfort food feast with all the sides I love and as close to a turkey as I can manage. Luckily, Thanksgiving Day coincides with a Japanese national holiday this year so we’ll have all day to prepare together. Our little guy loves to bake and help mix things (and is actually old enough to be helpful now!), so I think it will be extra fun. 

What are your favorite Thanksgiving dishes? Are they the ones you grew up with? Depending on what I can find, I usually make something orange (either carrots or butternut squash) and a green veggie too (green beans or asparagus). Some years we’ll also put out corn or mushrooms and maybe a new recipe or two. But I always make mashed potatoes, a variation on this stuffing, and gravy. Mochi grabbed a bag of fresh cranberries on his Costco run the other day, so I’m in the market for a favorite cranberry sauce recipe if you have one. I’ve also ordered a turkey breast to roast for the first time; hopefully it goes well!

I’ll recap our holiday dinner next week and would love to hear about your plans in the meantime.

this week’s meal plan

Friday seems to be beyond my meal plan capacity, as we always follow the first four days and end up eating Friday’s meal during the weekend. Oh well. Having an idea (sometimes even groceries) ready to go is still a relief on weekend evenings.

Here’s this week’s plan:
– Monday – mochi is making curry
– Tuesday – curry leftovers (maybe doria again?)
– Wednesday – tomato soup
– Thursday – Thanksgiving dinner
– Friday – Thanksgiving leftovers

It’s not very exciting, but it’s still a plan.  I’m looking forward to the cozy meals and minimal weeknight cooking.

Have a great week!
kuri xx

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