meal plan

rice pudding and this week’s meal plan

this week’s meal plan

We did well last week and stuck to the plan, landing on broccoli for the veggie pizza topping of choice on Friday. Things may get shuffled around this week because our night to meet friends is not 100% decided, but it looks like I’m craving hearty vegetarian comfort foods (read: carbs with cheese). READ MORE

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kiwi kale smoothie recipe and this week’s meal plan

What did you eat over the holidays? In Japan it’s traditional to prepare an elaborate collection of osechi ryōri in advance and pull them out for oshogatsu (New Year’s day) celebrations – and then for easy meals over the next few days, rather than cook on a day meant for resting. I like the idea, but don’t love all of the classic osechi flavors so we decided to go rogue this year and skip it altogether. READ MORE

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birthday cakes & this week’s meal plan

I didn’t get a post up last week because the little one was sick with a fever and I was trying to balance caring for (and entertaining) her with getting some work done. Luckily, we celebrated her birthday a few days early so we were able to just relax through the week and have a casual dinner on the actual day. I ended up making two cakes – a funfetti-style smash cake and a coconut cake for everyone else. They both came out great! READ MORE

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Kinder Advent calendar & this week’s meal plan

Do you do a chocolate Advent calendar? In our house, we usually get one but since the kiddo is so little, he has to share the chocolates with mom or dad (one of my better ideas, I must say). And because the chocolate is a treat for the adults too, we try to get a good quality set that everyone can look forward to after dinner. In the past we’ve picked up something nice at Costco or the Lindt shop at our train station, but this year one of mochi’s sisters beat us to it and definitely scored major “cool aunt” points by arriving from Germany with a giant one filled with Kinder surprise eggs. I think building the little toys is at least as exciting for the kiddo as eating chocolate, so he’s loving it! READ MORE

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creamy tomato gnocchi & this week’s meal plan

Did you celebrate Thanksgiving last week? If so, I hope you had a great one! We made a little feast, including this pumpkin pie and the pecan slab pie from Smitten Kitchen‘s new cookbook and both were great. The kiddo loves baking, so it was nice to have the day off to slowly prepare everything together. He also made our cranberry sauce and is so proud of it!  READ MORE

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Thanksgiving in Tokyo & this week’s meal plan

This year marks my 13th Thanksgiving since moving to Japan. It’s probably my favorite family holiday, which makes it my most homesick weekend as well. Over the years I’ve celebrated in every way from turkey delivery at work to fancy course menus, and with anywhere from one other person to several dozen. These days we mostly celebrate as a little family, enjoying a comfort food feast with all the sides I love and as close to a turkey as I can manage. Luckily, Thanksgiving Day coincides with a Japanese national holiday this year so we’ll have all day to prepare together. Our little guy loves to bake and help mix things (and is actually old enough to be helpful now!), so I think it will be extra fun.  READ MORE

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making bentos & this week’s meal plan

Do you make bentos for yourself or your family? I’m not much of a morning person, so I’m usually impressed with myself if everyone has breakfast and makes it to work/day care with the things they need (bonus points if we’re not terribly late!). Since the kids have lunch prepared on-site at their school, mochi and I usually grab lunches close to work and only prepare bentos when we’re feeling super organized the night before. READ MORE

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satsumaimo muffins & this week’s meal plan

We were pretty successful last week! The chicken chow mein got pushed out to Saturday, replaced on Friday by a quick meat sauce pasta, but otherwise we stuck to the plan. I cleared the fridge and tried a stuffed mushroom recipe that went over well (although the kiddo prefers them sautéed). Our little Halloween party was rescheduled to Sunday, so we had a taco rice buffet and barely had room to think about dinner last night. It was a great meal for a casual party though – prep was fast and easy, people could customize to their taste, leftovers are minimal and easy to use up.  READ MORE

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quick stew & this week’s meal plan

this week’s meal plan

It’s been rainy and grey with back-to-back typhoons here in Japan, so cozy is definitely the goal when it comes to meal planning. We’ll be home for lunch most days, which means that leftovers are a bonus. I also have some produce in the fridge from last week’s trip to Costco that I’d like to use up. READ MORE

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