easy screen time system for little kids

My kids are still pretty little, but we reached a point a few months ago where the kiddo (4 years old) was getting more worked up about his “shows” than I liked. I also realized that plugging him into Netflix in the afternoons was saving me from having to entertain him when the baby was fussy or I needed to prepare dinner; I was just as hooked on the habit as he was! So we decided to step back and make some changes.

Here are the 4 things we did: READ MORE

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easy DIY Christmas Gifts to make with kids

We’ve gotten into the habit of letting the kiddo make (at least part of) the gifts he gives to family. Starting when he was just a toddler, we set up easy projects for him and they’re always a hit. If you want to do something with your little ones, there’s still time! Here are a few quick and easy ideas that could be pulled off this weekend: READ MORE

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preparing for hoikuen (Japanese day care): sewing project tips

Our little one started going to hoikuen (day care) recently and I’ve been slow about getting all of her prep done. And there can be a lot of prep to do!

I’m sure it’s pretty standard to write names or iron tags into everything, but most of us in Japan also have a list of items to sew. READ MORE

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quick & easy project: convert baby headbands to clips

I’ve been collecting bows for our baby since before she was born (there are so many mama-run shops making gorgeous ones that it’s almost too easy). For a long time I ordered the soft headband type, not knowing when she’d have enough hair to use a clip. As much as I wanted to love them, they never seemed to look right – too much hair? weird head shape? And when she did wear them, it was always short-lived since they’d either slide or get pulled off. I started buying clips instead and they worked much better for us. At some point I realized we weren’t using her headbands at all, which was such a waste. Today I finally did something about it.

Here’s how I converted all our baby headbands into adorable bow clips: READ MORE

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piñata how-to (with lots of pictures!)

Let’s be honest, making a piñata is a bit of a process – there are a lot of steps and a lot of waiting around for things to dry – but it’s not difficult! Since they’re not easy to come by in Japan, if I want a piñata I have to make it myself.

Whether you’re looking for a handmade touch or have no other option, I hope this tutorial helps you make one too! READ MORE

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