loving: my little tote in a gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. floral

I first wrote about my affection for SORAbento over on Daily Mochi in this post. At that time we had two bento bags and they’re still great, but the tote bag is probably my current favorite. I love the Rifle Paper Co. print – with the dominant tan and navy tones, it’s perfect for everyday use.

The tote is simple and compact, with an interior pocket that’s perfect for keeping track of the little bits and pieces that disappear in even the smallest bags. I use it as my diaper bag when going out-and-about with the baby and it holds quite a lot without getting bulky.

We recently travelled to Hawaii and all of our SORAbento bags made the trip with us. The bento bags are perfect for keeping snacks organized, so we had one for the kiddo and one for the baby. I’m preparing to go back to work soon and will finally get to use these bento bags more frequently for transporting an actual bento.

We love the quality and the versatility; how many bags do you have that are suitable for kids, work and a beach vacation?

kuri xx


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