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For two Christmases in a row, my gift request has been a customized necklace from Made by Mary – and I have a growing wish list of styles, so I wouldn’t be disappointed to receive another one! I’ve also gifted one to my mom and though she’s not the type to wear many accessories, she loves it so much that she wears it every day.

Last year I chose the Zola style and have both of the children’s names stamped on the front (they’re short names). I wore it every day of 2017 and found it worked well with both casual and more formal outfits. It’s delicate and light to wear, but sturdy enough to withstand near-constant usage. The designs are modern and clean, but simple enough to have a timeless feeling as well. I get so many complements!

And while I think it looks great, the memories of my daughter reaching up to play with it while she nursed or hung out with me in her wrap/carrier have probably made me more attached to it than anything else. Even now, when we’re having sleepy cuddles she’ll gently rub the disk between her fingers and it’s familiarity seems soothing to her.

I love the Zola, but found that it sometimes slipped behind the collar of my shirts and I began wishing for a slightly longer chain. So this past Christmas, my request was for a set of 3/8” disks each stamped with the initial of one of my people – one for mochi, one for each of the kids and a heart for good measure. They’re dainty, so even a cluster of four disks doesn’t feel jangly or heavy around my neck.

I’ve been mixing in the newer necklace over the past few weeks and the person who notices the most is definitely the kiddo. He loved seeing his name on the Zola necklace but seems really taken with the heart charm on the mini disks – “it’s because you love us SO much.”

If you’re looking for a subtle but sweet way to wear your children’s names, a meaningful date, a word you want to remember or just have a lovely, handmade accessory to add to your collection, I’d definitely recommend taking a look at Made by Mary. They also make a lovely gift and ship internationally, including to Japan.

Do you wear much jewelry? What would you write on a keepsake necklace?
kuri xx

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