year of pause

what I’m reading: The End of Average

As part of my year of pause, I’m trying to spend less time scrolling social media and more time reading books. So here it is, the first (non-picture) book I finished in 2018: The End of Average by Todd Rose

I made my best progress on this book the night I handed my phone to the lovely folks at the Ginza Apple Store with three full (childless!) hours to burn. I’ll share some of my thoughts on this, as well as the other books I read this year – partially to help me remember them, but mostly because I hope you’ll find it interesting. READ MORE

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my year of pause

It’s become trendy to choose a word of the year, but I think a simple reminder that ties together all that I want to work on in 2018 can’t be anything but helpful so here it is: Pause.

I believe that I’m a work in progress and rather than set hard and fast resolutions, I’d like to spend this year building better habits and creating more space to become the person I want to be. READ MORE

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