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kiwi kale smoothie recipe and this week’s meal plan

What did you eat over the holidays? In Japan it’s traditional to prepare an elaborate collection of osechi ryōri in advance and pull them out for oshogatsu (New Year’s day) celebrations – and then for easy meals over the next few days, rather than cook on a day meant for resting. I like the idea, but don’t love all of the classic osechi flavors so we decided to go rogue this year and skip it altogether. READ MORE

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2018 fukubukuro (and what I bought at LeCreuset instead of a Lucky Box)

Over the years I’ve had limited success with fukubukuro (lucky bags) and generally try to avoid the crazy lines that accompany New Year’s bargain season here in Japan.

This year I tried the online application system for a Starbucks fukubukuro and failed to get a ticket, so I thought about reserving one of the Lucky Boxes that LeCreuset was offering instead. READ MORE

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preparing for hoikuen (Japanese day care): sewing project tips

Our little one started going to hoikuen (day care) recently and I’ve been slow about getting all of her prep done. And there can be a lot of prep to do!

I’m sure it’s pretty standard to write names or iron tags into everything, but most of us in Japan also have a list of items to sew. READ MORE

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loving: my little tote in a gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. floral

I first wrote about my affection for SORAbento over on Daily Mochi in this post. At that time we had two bento bags and they’re still great, but the tote bag is probably my current favorite. I love the Rifle Paper Co. print – with the dominant tan and navy tones, it’s perfect for everyday use.

The tote is simple and compact, with an interior pocket that’s perfect for keeping track of the little bits and pieces that disappear in even the smallest bags. READ MORE

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