birthday cakes & this week’s meal plan

I didn’t get a post up last week because the little one was sick with a fever and I was trying to balance caring for (and entertaining) her with getting some work done. Luckily, we celebrated her birthday a few days early so we were able to just relax through the week and have a casual dinner on the actual day. I ended up making two cakes – a funfetti-style smash cake and a coconut cake for everyone else. They both came out great!

For the smash cake I made Smitten Kitchen’s confetti party cake in a square baking dish and cut out circles using a large-ish cookie cutter. The coconut cake and vanilla buttercream recipes I used were from her new cookbook, Smitten Kitchen Every Day. The kiddo loves the mix-and-match cake section of the book and did a great job choosing the flavors for the party. I’m thinking of making the spice cake (probably without frosting) to snack on this week, so I’ll report back if we love that one too.

this week’s meal plan

I realized after writing my list that this week’s plan already has some repeats from a few weeks ago, but sometimes it’s just easier to go with what you can cook quickly – especially if they’re also meals that everyone loves. Here’s what we have lined up:

– Monday – creamy tomato gnocchi
– Tuesday – brussels, chicken and cheese pasta bake
– Wednesday – meatballs and garlic bread (or maybe broccoli melts?)
– Thursday – fritatta, salad and leftovers
– Friday – taco rice

I’m off on Tuesday for an event at the kids’ hoikuen, so I’m hoping to get a jump on some of the more complicated meal prep for the week then.

Hope you have a great week!
kuri xx

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