Our Sunny Corner is a lifestyle blog that aims to be a positive space and a peek into one little family’s life in Tokyo.

about me

Here, I’ll go by my nickname, kuri, and will share some of my day-to-day adventures with my husband, mochi, and our two young children – our son is four and our daughter is one.

I’m American and mochi is Japanese, so our home is a multicultural one. We use mostly English at home and, since I’m the one likes to cook, most of our meals are usually not in the Japanese style. Instead, I’ve learned to modify and adapt the recipes I like for what’s available and we tend to get our fix of local cuisine from restaurants and shops (they do it much better than I could anyway!). We also love to travel and at the insistence of our son, make an “adventure” out of the daily routine as much as possible.

If you’d like to get in touch, please email me any time at hello(at)oursunnycorner.com

about this blog

I started this blog as I prepared to return to work after maternity leave. Although I debated adding another thing to my list of things to do, the sense of accountability is motivating and I’m hoping it will help me stay on track with a bit of a personal positivity project.

The truth is, my patience is thinner, my comments more negative, and my temper faster than I’d like it to be sometimes. Though pre-kid me thought I’d never be a shouty mom, I find it tough to avoid when I’m tired or stressed. Since my days will always be hectic, I’ve decided to kick off this little project with a focus on things that make me happy. I’ll be also exploring new ideas, habits and resources that will help practice positivity, kindness and self-care. For 2018 I’ve decided on pause as my word of the year, so I’ll be sharing my progress on these efforts in more detail here.

I’m excited to share what I find and if the things that make my life a little more positive bring some sunshine to yours, then I’d be delighted to share this corner with you.

kuri xx