a fun new book: Still Stuck by Shinsuke Yoshitake

I stumbled on this book while browsing Amazon and had to buy it because our kiddo gets stuck like this just about every time he gets undressed. As impulse buys go, Still Stuck was a great one!

The little boy in Still Stuck finds himself in the tricky position that toddlers (maybe even all of us?) seem to fear most – discovering that you might actually need to ask for help, even after insisting that you don’t need it. Kids and parents can giggle along together as the little boy considers his options, imagining the lengths he might go to maintain his sense of independence despite being ridiculously stuck.

I’ve tucked it away for Christmas, so I can’t speak for the kiddo just yet, but I suspect this book will become another favorite around here.

What’s the last book that made you giggle? I’d love to know!
kuri xx

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