Month: December 2017

easy DIY Christmas Gifts to make with kids

We’ve gotten into the habit of letting the kiddo make (at least part of) the gifts he gives to family. Starting when he was just a toddler, we set up easy projects for him and they’re always a hit. If you want to do something with your little ones, there’s still time! Here are a few quick and easy ideas that could be pulled off this weekend: READ MORE

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birthday cakes & this week’s meal plan

I didn’t get a post up last week because the little one was sick with a fever and I was trying to balance┬ácaring for (and entertaining) her with getting some work done. Luckily, we celebrated her birthday a few days early so we were able to just relax through the week and have a casual dinner on the actual day. I ended up making two cakes – a funfetti-style smash cake and a coconut cake for everyone else. They both came out great! READ MORE

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our Advent calendars this year (spoiler: they’re picture books and Duplo!)

We always end up with a chocolate calendar, even on the years I swear them off, but this season we’re trying out a few popular Advent trends to see if one of them sticks around and becomes a family tradition.

Our first countdown to Christmas is this basket of children’s books. I had originally thought of wrapping them and putting them under the tree, but then I realized how much paper (and time!) that would take. Instead, I evicted our board book collection from its basket and refilled it with holiday books numbered from 1-24. Tie a red ribbon around it and we’re done! READ MORE

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Kinder Advent calendar & this week’s meal plan

Do you do a chocolate Advent calendar? In our house, we usually get one but since the kiddo is so little, he has to share the chocolates with mom or dad (one of my better ideas, I must say). And because the chocolate is a treat for the adults too, we try to get a good quality set that everyone can look forward to after dinner. In the past we’ve picked up something nice at Costco or the Lindt shop at our train station, but this year one of mochi’s sisters beat us to it and definitely scored major “cool aunt” points by arriving from Germany with a giant one filled with Kinder surprise eggs. I think building the little toys is at least as exciting for the kiddo as eating chocolate, so he’s loving it! READ MORE

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