loving: Tubby Todd

I followed Tubby Todd for a while on social media before a trip to the States gave us the opportunity to finally give it a try, and I’m so glad we did! The whole family loves it and even though we’re a little bit precious with some products (hopefully they’ll ship to Japan sometime soon), most things have lasted many months even with regular use.

Here’s why we love it:

It doesn’t aggravate my sensitive skin!

I need to be especially careful about fragrance, so I’ve used a handful of standby unscented products for most of my life and hesitate to change things up. Once I started shopping for baby products, I was surprised by how many are scented to smell “baby fresh” – even diapers! – and found that some “natural” baby products still contain ingredients that aggravate my skin. So while we try to avoid parabens and other icky preservatives, we often use the best formulas we can find from brands (Aveeno, Cetaphil, Aquaphor) that are least likely to give me a reaction, since everything my kids use, I use – and vice versa. 

We’ve been using Tubby Todd products for over 6 months now and no one has seen any evidence of irritation or allergic reaction to anything we’ve used. I’m so pleased to have found this line of skincare, but the bubble bath has a special place in my heart because 30 years ago, my mom couldn’t find a bubble bath that didn’t upset my skin – a whole childhood of bubble-less baths!

I was nervous to try the Tubby Todd bubble bath, but it’s been a dream and doesn’t leave any film or stickiness in the tub either. Now that winter is here, it’s been as much of a treat for me as it is for the kids to whip up a tub of those satisfying bubbles. The original smell is lovely, but we’ve been trying the seasonal limited editions and have liked some of those just as much, or even more.

It smells amazing!

Guys, the hair & body wash has a lavender/rosemary scent that is kind of outdoorsy and so comforting. Mochi thinks the fragrance is similar to the Aesop hand soap that he loves, which was another happy surprise. After just a few days we realizes that the whole family was going to use it, so we ordered a few of the “extra tubby” pump bottles and gladly gave them some coveted space in our luggage.

We haven’t come across a Tubby Todd scent we donn’t like, but the body wash is probably the all-around favorite.

The creams are saving my hands!

Winter in Tokyo is incredibly dry and my hands always take it the hardest. Between the dry weather and all the hand washing, my “housewives’ eczema” flares up and my poor fingers begin to peel. While I’m not consistent enough to be completely symptomless, using either the dream cream or mama hand cream throughout the day and rubbing in some all over ointment before bed is keeping things manageable for the first time in years.

The dream cream is thick, like you’d expect of a hand cream and the all over ointment is even richer, but without the oily sheen that you sometimes get from something so buttery or moisturizing and it’s not chalky like many diaper creams. Over the summer, the ointment was been amazing to help with mild sunburn and it’s otherwise helped us battle everything from a weird dry spot on our son’s back or tired heels, to an irritated baby bum and that “tight” feeling hands get after too much soap.

I keep the mama hand cream next to the kitchen sink, since the fresh ginger and lime scent seems especially at home there, but I think the lighter shea butter and mint scent from the basics line is my preference.

It’s lovely to look at!

This may sound silly, but I’m a person who decants most of the soaps and shampoos around the house because all the mixed packaging drives me a little crazy. For our first order, I got a basics bundle and tube of hand cream from their “mama” line. They’ve recently updated the labels to be more colorful, but I think the black and white designs are also really cute! Even mochi was impressed by the packaging and the kiddo loved coloring the box:

I’m waiting for a package from my mom that will include some of the recent limited edition products, as well as the conditioner, which I’m planning to try for myself. They’ve hinted on social media that international shipping may be coming later this year, so I’ll be sure to update here if a direct-to-Japan option becomes available.

What are your favorite skincare products for your kiddos? Does your family have any allergies or sensitivities that impact your choices?
kuri xx

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easy screen time system for little kids

My kids are still pretty little, but we reached a point a few months ago where the kiddo (4 years old) was getting more worked up about his “shows” than I liked. I also realized that plugging him into Netflix in the afternoons was saving me from having to entertain him when the baby was fussy or I needed to prepare dinner; I was just as hooked on the habit as he was! So we decided to step back and make some changes.

Here are the 4 things we did: READ MORE

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what I’m reading: The End of Average

As part of my year of pause, I’m trying to spend less time scrolling social media and more time reading books. So here it is, the first (non-picture) book I finished in 2018: The End of Average by Todd Rose

I made my best progress on this book the night I handed my phone to the lovely folks at the Ginza Apple Store with three full (childless!) hours to burn. I’ll share some of my thoughts on this, as well as the other books I read this year – partially to help me remember them, but mostly because I hope you’ll find it interesting. READ MORE

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loving: Made by Mary necklaces

For two Christmases in a row, my gift request has been a customized necklace from Made by Mary – and I have a growing wish list of styles, so I wouldn’t be disappointed to receive another one! READ MORE

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rice pudding and this week’s meal plan

this week’s meal plan

We did well last week and stuck to the plan, landing on broccoli for the veggie pizza topping of choice on Friday. Things may get shuffled around this week because our night to meet friends is not 100% decided, but it looks like I’m craving hearty vegetarian comfort foods (read: carbs with cheese). READ MORE

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kiwi kale smoothie recipe and this week’s meal plan

What did you eat over the holidays? In Japan it’s traditional to prepare an elaborate collection of osechi ryōri in advance and pull them out for oshogatsu (New Year’s day) celebrations – and then for easy meals over the next few days, rather than cook on a day meant for resting. I like the idea, but don’t love all of the classic osechi flavors so we decided to go rogue this year and skip it altogether. READ MORE

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my year of pause

It’s become trendy to choose a word of the year, but I think a simple reminder that ties together all that I want to work on in 2018 can’t be anything but helpful so here it is: Pause.

I believe that I’m a work in progress and rather than set hard and fast resolutions, I’d like to spend this year building better habits and creating more space to become the person I want to be. READ MORE

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2018 fukubukuro (and what I bought at LeCreuset instead of a Lucky Box)

Over the years I’ve had limited success with fukubukuro (lucky bags) and generally try to avoid the crazy lines that accompany New Year’s bargain season here in Japan.

This year I tried the online application system for a Starbucks fukubukuro and failed to get a ticket, so I thought about reserving one of the Lucky Boxes that LeCreuset was offering instead. READ MORE

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easy DIY Christmas Gifts to make with kids

We’ve gotten into the habit of letting the kiddo make (at least part of) the gifts he gives to family. Starting when he was just a toddler, we set up easy projects for him and they’re always a hit. If you want to do something with your little ones, there’s still time! Here are a few quick and easy ideas that could be pulled off this weekend: READ MORE

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birthday cakes & this week’s meal plan

I didn’t get a post up last week because the little one was sick with a fever and I was trying to balance caring for (and entertaining) her with getting some work done. Luckily, we celebrated her birthday a few days early so we were able to just relax through the week and have a casual dinner on the actual day. I ended up making two cakes – a funfetti-style smash cake and a coconut cake for everyone else. They both came out great! READ MORE

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